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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

And She's Off..... 

Well - I did it. I've been envious of my favorite bloggers and their new toys - popping in and posting as the need arises, and figured it was finally time to try this out for myself. I beg your patience as I work thru this process.

Just who am I? Let me introduce myself - my name is Tammi and I am an outspoken, independent divorcee that works as a road warrior for a major manufacturer. I love music and cooking and spending time with good people. I have no patience for ignorance and am not afraid to speak my mind (probably a good indicator as to why I want to blog!).

I am a huge supporter of our troops and the war on terror. We'll be discussing and linking about this in greater detail later! :)

I have a dry sense of humor that may not translate well to this venue, but what the heck - let's give it a run.

Just what do I have to share? Well...there are numerous stories of life on the road (there are some real characters out there and my tin foil hat seems to be attracting the biggest and brightest). There are stories about being single and some of the craziest dating stories around! (Again I refer to the tin foil hat.) As well as just daily thoughts I'd like to share.

Thank you for stopping by - and I promise to post as often as possible. Meanwhile - check out my favorite places on the sidebar! Great insights by some incredible people.


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