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Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Beautiful Mind 

OK, maybe that's pushing it, but here are just a few inane ramblings I processed while running errands and grabbing lunch. **Real thought process - names omitted to protect the innocent**

1) I've driven over 2000 miles in the last week and a half.

2) Used almost $40 in tolls.

3) Gas is only $1.81/gal mid grade - better fill up. Wish I had an extra storage tank!

4) Ohh - I LIKE that car! (New Mercedes S500 convertible)

4) My new favorite outfit is my buttonfly jeans and an old Hard Rock Tshirt. Wonder if I can get away with that in my presentation tomorrow?

5) I love where I live. Water almost everywhere I go! :)

6) When IS that phone bill due?

7) Chili or spaghetti this weekend?

8) Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi? Which do I really like better? (I used to work for Pepsi)

9) Do I have enough coffee at the house?

10) Wonder how my friend is doing today?

ok - you see how this works. No rhyme or reason what so ever! :) How's your day going?


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