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Wednesday, March 24, 2004


When I got divorced I didn't have much dating experience. I grew up in a very small town, and wasn't your run of the mill average kid. Really tall, loved classical music and Shakespeare, and my nick name was Miss Webster. So...not much opportunity to learn how to flirt.

Fast forward to about 8 years ago. I meet this incredible guy and we start the awkward dating ritual. So, we're sitting at my house one evening having dinner and I had to leave the room. We are sharing some delightful conversation and I look over my shoulder to say something oh so coy when whack - I kick the door jam.

He didn't cuss, so I go into the next room, hop around and curse under my breath.

"You Ok - Tammi?"
"Yeah, everythings fine, I think I just jammed my toe."

I go back to the living room, the really nice guy looks at my foot and says he thinks I may have broken my little toe. He then actually tapes it up for me and everything is fine.

Except that I refuse to cancel our trip to Busch Gardens the next day. So off we go. I cannot begin to tell you how bad that darn foot hurt after 6 hours of roller coasters and walking.

By the time we get home, the foot is swollen beyond reason and I can't even look at the toe. I go to the clinic the next day to have it checked. They tell me the toe has to be reset.

They numb the toe and try to set it. OK - no pain. Xrays. Nope, not right. Reset - still no pain. Xrays. Nope, not yet. Reset - little pain. Xrays. Nope, not yet. Reset - Stop Right There. I sat up on the gurney, and whispered (didn't want to scare the child in the next section) "Take you hand OFF that foot and step away you Bastard!". They then decide to ship me off to a specialist. Seems the toe was actually broken off the foot and I had shattered the bones on top of the foot as well. All better - can't even tell now.

Lesson learned - Tammi Does Not Flirt, especially when trying to walk out of a room!


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