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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Guilty Pleasure 

OK - I'll admit it. I love the old sitcoms and watch Nick @ Nite regularly. Last night was the TV Land awards and, yes, I did watch some of them.

The opportunity to see some of my favorite stars from way back when was just to tempting. (But now I feel Really Really Old).

All the survivors from Gilligans Island were there (you should have seen Ginger) as well as the Mary Tyler Moore team. Wonder Woman was my hero growing up, and if I can age half as well as she has....look out world!

The highlight of the evening? When Freddie Prinz Jr. accepted an award for his father. Why was it the highlight? The man still gets emotional when he is asked to talk about his father, and anyone who values family like that is a class act in my book!

So let me ask you, what is your favorite "classic TV" show?
Mine is the Cosby Show from the 80's. Watching Clare and Cliff reminds me of my parents and their relationship. Plus I just love the undercurrents in the show.

OK, I know, I need to get back on the road and get a life.


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