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Saturday, March 27, 2004

He's Done It Again, Folks 

My friend Lex has posted what, I feel, is his best Friday Musings yet. (and I'm a real fan!!)

I left a little hint at ~6:30pm E.S.T so he wouldn't forget it's Friday. (Sometimes the time difference is tough on me!) What can I say, I really enjoy these Friday Nite postings.

Being a woman from the Midwest, with a brain in her head (really, I swear it's there) I have some comments and didn't think there would be enough room over at his place.

Lex does an amazing job describing that connection between a pilot and his F18. I know I said before I could never do something different than what I do now, but I cannot imagine not being able to do something I love that much. It's a beautiful thing when you have the opportunity, at some point in your life, to do what truly makes you happy.

He touches on the Microsoft Europe deal and briefly discusses free market competition. I gotta admit I was sitting here nodding and talking right back at this little monitor of mine. If a manufacturer is able to create and market a product that so out performs the competition they SHOULD NOT be punished. (And no Lex & Blake, I'm not going to buy a MAC. I'm a windows kinda girl.)

Another topic he looks at is something that was discussed on NPR (gotta admit, I'm not a listener - it's physically painful for me to listen to some people make asses of themselves.) Anyway, from what I gather they were discussing how many female convicts are saying they shouldn't have to go to jail, their children need them and shouldn't have to suffer for the mistakes of the parents. I'm gonna step outside my safe little box on this one and just say what I think. Maybe the kids are better off away from parents like that. I realize each situation is different, but for the most part think of what the role of parent is: Protector, teacher, mentor. What kind of lessons are these kids learning in that type of environment? How much protecting is the parent really doing if they end up in jail for their activities? There does NOT (shoot, left that out originally, sorry) have to be a complete dissolution of the ties, but having the children in a different environment, learning right and wrong, responsibility and such is not a bad thing. (perfect world scenario - I know it doesn't always work out the well.)

And there is even more good stuff so just go read Friday Musings at Lex's place.

Thanks Lex - it was well worth the wait!


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