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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hmmm...What IS That? 

While lying in bed I hear *Chirp.........Chirp.......click click click click* (silence) Chirp......Chirp......Chirp* This goes on for most of the night. (Not real adventurous in searching out strange sounds in the night by myself).

Finally I couldn't take it anymore. Oh - the chirp is the darn smoke detector letting me know it's hungry for a new battery. No Problem. Feed the little bugger and that should take care of it.

Standing in the bedroom I still hear this click click click......click click click. It's daylight so now I'm on the hunt. Go to the kitchen, nothing. Go to the living room, nothing. Hit all 3 bathrooms, nothing. Finally, standing in the office I hear it loud and clear click click click. Shoot - it's my computer. I'm thinking that's not good.


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