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Sunday, March 28, 2004

I Love Sundays 

Sunday is my most favoritist day. I work most every Saturday so Sunday is the one day of the week I can just be me, spend time with friends and family and simply enjoy.

Last nite I went to my friend's house in Bradenton for Game Night. It was interesting (and will be most likely written about at a later time. I'm gonna need to digest everything first). Anyway, too far to drive home so I had the pleasure of waking up on a Sunday morning with a couple of adorable children romping, and coffee served with delightful conversation.

The weather is beautiful today. Clear skies and warm. This is one of my favorite times in Florida. So, I headed back towards Tampa at a leisurely pace. I cannot cross the Skyway Bridge without catching my breath. It Is So Stunning. The view is incredible, blue water everywhere. And having visited many of the islands around there, I have to smile at one memory or another.

Music playing (loud) and just driving, driving, driving. Traffic not bad at all. Hit the Howard Franklin and get to see a dolphin along the bridge. Didn't expect that - what a treat!

The best part of Sunday for me is that there is no pressure - no time table and no one to impress. Every other day I have to dress for the job, make up and hair done and always be "up". Sundays are mine. Today is my favorite pajama lounging pants, comfy top, skin scrubbed clean and no make-up, hair brushed back and no shoes. HEAVEN.

I don't have to constantly be on guard when the phone rings. I can answer if I want and I can just say "hello". I know there will be no fires to extinguish on the other end of the line. If I don't want to talk, that's alright too. Like I said - no pressure.

I hope that your Sunday is going as well as mine!!


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