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Friday, March 19, 2004

It's A Sickness 

Who would have thought this blog would become so important to me?!?! I figured it would be a fun form of communication and a way to express myself.

So...I check the counter way too often, double check to make sure I don't miss any comments and can't wait to get home in the evening to see if anyone liked what I said that day.

All that is bad enough, but wait. Being me, I have to take it one step further into the darkness of obsession.

I wake up this morning and was trying to get my latest post to up load. Here's me, 7:30am needing to get out the door, but won't leave until I know it's there.

mutter mutter mutter. Come on dang it. I'm going to miss my peak viewing time. Damn it!! Geez, I wonder if I should have stayed away from the political statement - might have missed the demographic I'm aiming at and confused everyone. Ok. Wait just a gosh darn minute here. Missing my peak viewing time? Demographic?!? Obviously, my sales and marketing training have ruined any chance for fun I may have in life.

Get a grip Tammi! It's a Blog for crying out loud. You remember, fun, personal thoughts and feelings?
ok, tomorrow is question of the day, what can I come up with that will raise my traffic?


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