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Sunday, March 21, 2004

It's Spring in Florida..... 

and a woman's thoughts turn to football?! Yep, Football.

Hey, it's Sunday and there was a bit of a stir on the NFL pages I monitor talking about some changes and that has all added up to Football Sunday at my house.

Let's see - Warren Sapp is going to Oakland. You won't find a long winded posting here about how much we're gonna miss him. Oh he's a great player, no doubt. But $36.6m for 7 years great - at this point in his career, after all his stunts in the past 2 years - Nope. Bye Bye. See ya on the field big guy. I know a good cross country mover if you need 'em.

They finalized the Joey Galloway for Begone Keyshawn Johnson trade (at last). That could be a very good thing for us. It's no secret that JG is one hell of a receiver and has shown great speed. Little worried about that left ACL but we'll just have to see.

Brian Griese has come aboard, leaving Miami this week. Hmmm...that's 4 QBs now, but Chris Simms is still in training.

Just going to spend a little time looking over who's coming and who's going and see if I can figure out what the plan is. (I told you - Fanatic.)


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