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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I've Seen Heaven 

I promise, I will not continue talking about the accident and the ramifications that might arise - but I gotta share this!

I went to the clinic today (as so many people advised) just to make sure there are no serious problems. The doctor took X-rays and did several range of motion tests. His conclusion is that there are no serious injuries and that after a bit of therapy I should be just fine.

So, I had my first therapy session immediately following my visit with him. **Bright lights, angels singing in the background** They put me on a mini waterbed (nice and toasty warm) hook up these electronic things to my back (nice little buzzy feeling) and then the bed started with this wonderful rolling thingy. Oh My Goodness. :) That continues for about 15 minutes. AND THAT WASN'T ALL OF IT. Then, David my therapist, comes in and gives me a back, neck and wrist massage! (Now I probably shouldn't admit this in public, but that was the first massage I've ever had. What the hell have I been doing?!?!?!) At this point, the clouds parted, the angel chorus kicked it in to extra loud and I swear I saw the gates of heaven! WOW. And I get to do this again tomorrow?

Now, I am not recommending getting rear ended by a gravel truck any time in your future - but if you can manage to get this kind of therapy - TAKE IT!!!!!!



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