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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


I love to hear people laugh. It makes me smile. I have one friend, that when I'm having a bad day I just call and say hello. She immediately starts laughing. Honestly, I could end the conversation right there...that was what I needed to hear. (Of course being the female version of the mouth of the south - I do keep talking!)

Humor is my #1 weapon against the ugliness of reality. I make it a rule to find at least one thing to laugh about every day. A stupid joke, a song on the radio, or just watching people in the stores as I'm working. I'm not laughing at them (ok maybe sometimes) usually it's laughing with them.

I also love to make people laugh. I am not a clown, but (even without meaning to) I come up with some pretty off the wall stuff. Most of the time it's like a delayed reaction. I have no idea it was funny until after they start laughing -I could be in the middle of a rant and they just bust out. I'm alright with that.

Joy is tangable. Joy is contageous. It's also the best thing going in keeping us young (and it's free too - no $300 eye creams for this girl). The best part is if you share it, you get it right back. How cool is that?!?

So...my hope for each of you is just a little joy everyday. Pass it along - it works!


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