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Friday, March 26, 2004

A Little Politics for Breakfast 

I'm just going to throw a few things that have been running thru my mind out for mass consumption.

First off - do people not understand why Condoleezza Rice CAN NOT and MUST NOT testify before the 9/11 commission? Come on folks, let's think this thru! She reports directly to the president and knows EVERYTHING that is going on. So - you want to put her under oath and ask her questions? What's up with that?!? She has spoken privately with the commission and has offered to do so again. They are getting the information, just not publicly. Honestly, I'm alright with that. I DON'T need to know everything - sometimes it's better if I don't.

I do understand that the victims of 9/11 and their families are craving answers to a lot of questions. To be honest, I've been in a similar position myself. You need someone to blame, some one to hate. OK - how 'bout bin Laden? I have a friend who lost her husband in the Embassy bombings. It was his last day on the job and he was in process of packing his office that fateful day. When she made it back home, and some of us got together, the one thing I noticed is her intense focus on bin Laden. She didn't blame anyone else, ever. She now spends a good portion of her life working (off screen) against terrorism. But what I'm saying is - there was never a discussion of who didn't do what, what could have been done to prevent it. Find the asshole that did this and destroy him. End of story.

Second - Does Richard Clarke remind you of anyone? I wish I could post pictures but I can't so use your imagination here. Doesn't he look and sound a lot like another Clark (minus e) that we've seen lately?

1. They really do look a bit a like!
2. Same last name - Clark (with e) may have just added the letter to impress folks.
3. Clark (minus e): bad leader, set his troops up for failure and couldn't get the job done. Then blamed everyone else. Clarke (with e) bad leader, set his people up for failure and couldn't get the job done. Then blamed everyone else.

I'm just saying....it might be worth looking into!


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