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Monday, March 15, 2004

A Matter of Perspective 

Let me tell you about my day.

I woke up early and got on the Corridor of Hell (AKA I4). Happy Tammi, driving along, not too much traffic. Get just west of Haines City and have to stop - the semi in front of me stopped so I thought it might be a good idea. I was going to sign the lease on my new house and just happened to glance in the review mirror. Where I saw the largest front grill of a semi coming up way too fast to stop. I have to admit -- I cursed, a lot. Turned the wheel to the right to avoid getting pushed into the semi in front of me and WHAM. A fully loaded down gravel truck slammed in to the back of my pretty new red car and pushed me about 70 feet thru sand and gravel. Ouch.

I'm ok. Didn't hit anything delicate. However, the truck driver decided to rip me a new asshole. Until I got out of the car. He was about 5'6". I'm 6'2" and wearing heels and not a happy woman. After I tore the second layer of skin off of him, I got back in my car.

Meanwhile, he needed to use my cell phone so I let him. After our little discussion, I'm sitting in the car waiting for the police to finish the paperwork and his wife called (she obviously used the caller id). She just wanted to make sure everyone was alright and then started crying. It seems they buried their son yesterday. I spent 20 mins on the phone with her offering my sympathies. Then, as the police officer is standing at my window, and we are discussing the number of accidents along this stretch of road, he yells - Oh My God, here comes another one. Just then a Suburban slams into a pick-up truck and pushes it into another SUV. These people were not as lucky. 3 people taken to the hospital.

I spoke with the guy that hit me, while they were taking care of the other accident and offered my condolences regarding his son. We talked and both apologized for our outbursts.

I was able to drive away. I'm really sore right now, but I'm ok. I'll get it checked after the tradeshow tomorrow.

But - looking back, what should be classified as a bad day isn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Just a matter of perspective.


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