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Thursday, March 11, 2004

My Best Friend 

I'd like to tell you about my best friend. Sharon. She has been my friend since high school (more years than I care to admit) and knows me better than anyone. We started smoking together, she taught me how to drink and I taught her how to cuss. To say we've been in our fair share of trouble would be putting it lightly.

She showed me that being a "bitch" doesn't have to be a negative. Standing up for yourself is the key ingredient. And a Lady does that with her own special style. She is one of my heros.

We've been there for each other thru some tough times, my marriage, her boyfriends, our jobs. And now things are looking pretty bright for both of us.

Sharon is getting married for the first time. I'm so happy for her I cried. Joe is a wonderful man - all I could ever hope for her. It's one of those rare unions that you know was just meant to be.

However - they are eloping. I've been told it will happen, just not when or where. Now I realize this is their time, but damn it - I wanna celebrate too! I wanted to throw her a shower to beat all showers. I wanted to give a sappy toast at her reception that would make her cry years from now when she thought of it. Most importantly I wanted to dance at her reception to show my joy. But I can't. Or can I?!?

This is the plan....I'm going to tape myself throwing a shower-in-a-box for her. Yep. I'll bake a cake and have some friends over. We'll all have gifts and such and film the whole thing. Then I'll pack all the gifts up along with the tape and mail it off. Ha. Tell ME I can't give you a shower.

As for the sappy toast and dancing bit. Well, as soon as I hear they've gotten married, I'm going to fly home and surprise her. I'll take them to dinner and get to give my darn toast. Then, just for spite I'm going to dance. Yep - all by myself if I have to.

So you see - there is more than one way to bridge a castle. I'm just creative enough to figure it out.

I know she won't see this - she hates computers - but Congratulations Sharon & Joe. I love you both and wish you joy beyond measure.


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