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Saturday, March 27, 2004


Today I feel like doing something a little different with the question of the day. Yep, I'm like that, keep you on your toes. (Plus I still have Jeff's Carnival on my mind!)

I'm gonna list some products/brands. Which do you prefer? Mine is bold with comments (of course) in italics.

Here we go:

Soda: Coke or Pepsi I finally figured out I just flat out like Pepsi and it's products better! Do the Dew!!

Razors: Gillette or Schick Long story and very personal. I wouldn't buy anything gillette if it were the only choice I had.

Orange Juice: Tropicana or Minute Maid The comment is often made if you cut me I bleed orange - and it's Tropicana OJ! :)

Potato: Russet or Sweet With butter, and brown sugar

Car: Foreign or Domestic - Here it really depends. I know, trick question.

Don't worry, you are not a part of a marketing survey - I'm just curious. Plus, I like to keep my hand on the pulse of America. :)

Have a great Saturday


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