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Wednesday, March 24, 2004


My Links are gone! My Links are gone! And I don't remember what the darn formula (or what ever you call it) IS!!! I cannot believe I didn't copy it - but who'd a thunk that just changing the color and layout would wipe out all that stuff. Damn it! This thing should come with a warning.

I'm going to bed now. I'll deal with this later!

Update I hated it. I don't like this one either, but at least it has the link info (I can rebuild) and the header letters aren't bigger than I am. Why oh why can't I just leave good enough alone?!?

2nd Update: I just realized all my lovely comments are GONE! I'm so sorry - I really enjoyed reading them. So I've reinstalled comments (except they aren't working!) and got my links back in place (in alpha order now). Just missing a couple that I have to look-up. As the song says "Tomorrow". Ok - now it's really time for bed. We only bring out the Annie references when we are really really exhausted.


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