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Tuesday, March 23, 2004


I was just looking thru Smash's MilBlogs Blogroll and found Beck in the Box. I don't know how I missed the new listing, but I did.

Beck is a Marine from NY currently stationed in Iraq and this is a portion of an article he wrote for the NY Times:

"This place and what we are doing here is more linked to terrorism and American and world security than I will ever be allowed to discuss. You have to take that on faith not just because the President says so – because I say so too, and on my comrades’ behalf, we wouldn’t be out here giving it everything we have otherwise. As for me personally, not a day goes by out here that I don’t think of the Cops, Firefighters, New Yorker regulars and foreign citizens that died on September 11th in my town, on our American watch."

THIS is a prime example of an American Soldier. This is the real deal and makes me oh so proud! Go and read it for yourself. I dare you!


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