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Monday, March 29, 2004

You gotta hate when that happens 

So I'm printing out my spec sheets and there are too many to dink with first thing in the morning, plus my printer is pretty slow. I begin the printing last nite - only to discover this morning my black ink is now completely out. (And of course I have no spare right now.)

Add to that I have a pretty new fax/copier/scanner/printer that I can't get set up properly and besides, even if I did the e-mail for work is down so I couldn't get it to read properly anyway.

So it's off to Staples (shoot, that means I actually have to get dressed NOW) to spend money I didn't really want to spend and try and figure out the directions I'll get regarding my newest toy. Then back here to reprint and then FINALLY off to the races.

I hate the quagmire! It's definitely a Monday!


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