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Sunday, April 25, 2004

3 Questions - Response to BloodSpite 

BloodSpite has asked some pretty tough questions. Geez BS, these really made me think - good job! So, as promised - here are my answers.

1: If you could live in any Time Period. When and Why? I would have lived in the 1600's. I LOVE history and this is a time that was ripe with change. I have no illusions that it was a romantic time, but I would love to be there and just experience it. Of course, I would be a part of the Noble Class (I am after all a Queen - and I have the golden throne to prove it!)

2: If you could live to experience the after life for just 2 minutes, would you and why? Yes I would in a heartbeat. I have lost many of those that I love and there are many that have gone before me that I would like to meet and talk with. 2 minutes!! NO No, that's not enough.

3: The world is but a stage. If you could change 1 thing culturally, in only 1 place in the world, what would it be? Remember small things sometime beget large changes. This one is really tough. There are so many little things that go back so far - but I think I would have had Madeline Murray O'Hare's message to fall on deaf ears. To never have taken root. I truly believe we would be a better society without it.

Wow - all that early on a Sunday morning. Next will be Teresa's questions. Thanks Guys!!


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