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Friday, April 16, 2004

A Blogworthy Day! 

Today was all right in my book. Nothing major, just a great day.

Let's start out with beautiful weather. Cloudless sky with low 80 temps. Too bad not a drop of water to be seen where I was.

Anyway, driving the corridor of hell, having a wonderful conversation (I told you I live on my cell phone) when what to my wondering eyes should appear? Two fighter jets out of McDill were up above playing. Poetry in motion. How happy was I that I could tell some what I was looking at?!

We have yet another roll out meeting for yet another national account to plan for - so got together with one of the other reps and we put on our thinkin' caps. I have to admit, we took a pretty good presentation and made it OUTSTANDING. I cannot not wait to start that training cycle.

One thing did happen that will probably change my life forever. I think I'm going to have to give up drive thru windows. I don't know if you remember about me and the Krispy Kream drive thru, but I had a similar, but more disturbing version occur today. I'm pulling up to McDonalds, need a diet coke for the long drive home. I have the music blaring and doing a bit of car dancing when I placed my order. 1 large diet coke. I get to window #1 and the girl says - $2.78.

$2.78 for a large diet coke?
$2.78 for a large diet coke and a caramel sundie.

Now - I remember thinking a caramel sundie sounded good, but honest to goodness I don't remember saying it out loud.

It was really, really good.


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