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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Comin' Home 

Rich Galen,of Mullings Travelogue, is heading back to the states after 6 months in Iraq.

I have enjoyed every chapter of his adventures. I hope you have been following it. If not - take some time and read from the first chapter thru.

He brings an interesting view of what is happening. He brings it with hope and humor. In my mind, two of our greatest weapons in this struggle to remain focused.

I'm so moved by the way he ends this last chapter I'd like to post it here for you (and as enticement to go and read it all - you'll like it, I promise.

" There is a standard farewell that people who are leaving suggest to those who are staying behind: Don't get shot. Don't get blown up.

The reply is often: "Don't forget us when you get home."

I didn't get shot. And I didn't get blown up. I thank God for that. And I thank those of you - thousands, judging by the e-mails - who's prayers helped prevent those things from happening.

A friend of mine wrote a few days ago about how important what I've been doing here has been.

This is what I wrote in reply:

I am one of hundreds of thousands of people over here, soldiers and civilians in Iraq as well as US embassy employees in Bahrain, Saudi, Jordan, etc. who are doing the nation's work without any public applause. It is they who deserve it.
All I have been doing is standing along the side of the road, cheering the members of the marching band as the parade has gone by.

The sun is setting on my stay in Baghdad, but, like these two young men, there are many who are remaining, vigilant and dedicated, to continue the vitally important work.

**Picture a must see via link**

I will not forget they are still here.
And I will pray, every day;
That they, and you, continue to
Be Safe.

Go read it - you'll be glad you did.


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