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Monday, April 19, 2004

A Good Day 

April 18 is a pretty big day - birthday wise.

Matt, at Blackfive shows us what a lucky guy he is. Go wish Little Blackfive a very happy birthday.

Sunday was also my oldest niece's 17th birthday. Wow - 17 already. Time just moves so quickly. I was sitting on the beach and thinking back to the day she was born. I'll never forget it. She gave us a bit of a scare, but she was so beautiful. I held her almost immediately after she was born. When I looked into those eyes I was done. I knew I could never love anyone in my life the way I loved her. (By the way, had the same reaction when her brother and sister were born - and it still holds true.) I promised her that I would move heaven and earth to give her every opportunity to see her dreams come true.

Like watching a home movie, I reviewed all the major moments in her life. Her first day of preschool - the look on her face as I left her there. How pretty she looked in that yellow dress. The many hours we spent baking cookies for the family. The talk we had about her first day in High School and how scared she was. Her first boyfriend. Taking the drivers test to get her license. Wow, it all seems like it happened yesterday.

She hasn't had the easiest of lives - unfortunately real life is never as we wish it. But she is a good girl. Oops, I guess I should say she is a wonderful woman. I'm proud of her - no matter what. She is as close to mine as I've ever known. It's amazing to me, how much a like we are. Her mother and I are both adopted so genetically we have no common bond. Yet - she has my humor, she has many bits and pieces of my personality (good and bad). Not that those things make her wonderful - I'm just surprised that we are as alike as we are. :)

I pulled the typical Aunt Tammi Birthday crap - got 'hold of her during the family dinner and sang (badly) a little ditty that never fails to embarrass her. We briefly talked about what is going on in her life - her first job, school, boyfriend and such. I reminded her how much I love and miss her. Begged for a phone call now and again (I'm not above begging when it comes to her). And most of all I told her how proud I am of the woman she is.

Happy Birthday Ashley. I love you baby.


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