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Monday, April 12, 2004

Happy Dingus Day! 

What?!?! You've never heard of Dingus Day?!? Well you've obviously never spent any quality time in St. Joseph County Indiana. Sorry for your loss! :) Let me fill you in.

First and foremost - Dingus Day is also Drinking Day. Now, I'm not a Polish, Catholic democrat - and this is (from what I understand) where this great day began. But I've done my fair share of dingusing so I know a bit about the story.

On the Monday morning following Easter all the democratic clubs open up around 7:00am. For the steep price of $1 you can have all the traditional polish food and beer you can consume. Yep folks - just one buck!!

What usually happens is many people take that day off and get started bright and early. The clubs are packed and the political figures use that opportunity to do what they do best - politik. I - however - did things a bit different.

I would actually work that day. Get off around 3:00 and THEN hit the clubs. 2 reasons for that train of thought. 1) I miss the politics. Hey - beer, me and democrats are not a good combination. 2) It lasts longer!!!

So, I would get to the first club around 4:00, pay my dollar and join the party. After $5 dollars, and 5 clubs it's going on midnight and time to shut it down, so often a group of us would head to my place. Here's the trick. I always took the day AFTER Dingus off!! Everyone else would be dragging their sorry butts and red eyes into what ever job they had and I'd be firmly ensconced in my comfy bedplace sleeping it off! (See, smarter than the average bear.)

Anyway - that's what I know of Dingus Day. I don't hear about anyone celebrating it down here in Florida, but they are still goin' at it in Indiana.

So - Dingus away my friends. I'm going to crack a cold one this afternoon, just to toast the memories.


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