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Thursday, April 08, 2004

I Gotta Be Me!! 

Wednesday and Thursday of this week I am lucky enough to do my favorite part of my job. Sales Training. I'm not just talking one on one - even though that can be very rewarding. This is the training of entire regions broken into somewhat smaller groups. In other words - I get to stand in front a very group of people and they have to listen to what I have to say. It's All About Me!! :)

No, really - I do love this part simply because I love to talk to other sales people and help them develop the passion for what they do that I have. I love to see the light go on in a new sales persons eyes. When people get it - it rocks. When you throw out a concept and every head in the room nods - it rocks. And that's what I've been doing.

One of the most important ideas that I try and get across is that, no matter what - be you. Do what is comfortable for you. Don't use someone else's methods or words. The falseness comes through.

When we broke for lunch I had the opportunity to eat with the corporate sales trainer for our customers company. He mentioned that he had the opportunity to sit in on one of my sessions and was very surprised to hear me stress the point of individuality. He thought we would want everyone to get out the same message in the same way. Nope - I'll teach them the message, but I want each sales person to use that information and deal with their customers in a way that is uniquely individual.

People can tell when you are working on a canned speech or just functioning on auto-pilot. That will not gain their confidence. And I don't know about you, but I'm not giving my money to a sales person I don't have confidence in.

As I was driving home and rehashing all that was good on Wednesday, I realized that concept is not an original Tammi Thought. I learned that one from my Mom. And it wasn't taught in the context of sales. It was all about life.

We have to be true to who we are. We cannot be clones of anyone else and expect to be happy, fulfilled or successful. When we ignore our individuality we sacrifice a part of ourselves. The best part.

Anyway - I'm off to my last day of training and then some meetings with my boss. I can only hope HE appreciates my individuality! :)


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