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Thursday, April 01, 2004

I Had A Little Fun 

Yesterday started out a bit rough (thanks again for all of your uplifting comments) but took a strong swing for the better about mid way thru. Let me share.

First - remember I told you I am not a nice sales person. However, I do believe in the Team and will do whatever I can to help the team win. But there is a catch. Team goes both ways. Everyone has to play by the same rules. If not - then the rules don't apply. You know that old adage "What Goes Around Comes Around"? Well, it's very true and I got to watch it in action.

Seems we have a team member that doesn't want to share. Hordes all of the Target Accounts (new accounts we are trying to open) and will only get off the ones that are hopeless or so small they don't make a blip on the radar screen.

This particular "partner" was handed a $1.7m opportunity about a year and a half ago. The target was just about ready to sign on the dotted line. However, in that time frame our teammate has been unable to even get a return phone call. But - rather than admit there may be something wrong there and have someone else try to crack it, they continue to sit on it and no one else can call.

Now listen folks, this is business. $1.7m in one area is a pretty darn big account. If you can't get a phone call in a year and a half - let someone else try. Maybe they will have better luck. We Need The Business - heck who doesn't.

Anyway - this sort of thing happens a lot regarding this person. They lie, cheat and stab anyone in the back if it will make them look good and put another dollar in their pocket.

This time it blew up in their face. After a meeting with a couple of us, where we were talked to like kids fresh off the farm and first visit to the city, we decided we weren't gonna take it anymore. Remember - if you don't play by the rules, the rules don't apply.

One phone call - account pulled and assigned elsewhere. (Not to me, but I'm fine with that - I just want us to land the damn account.) First appointment scheduled and 90% probability we will close within 6 weeks. :) Happy Dance warm ups beginning!! And selfish, lazy, bitter teammate exposed.

So remember - what goes around comes around! Oh - and don't piss off the team. It's never pretty.


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