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Friday, April 16, 2004

It's FRIDAY!!!! 

Well, it's finally happened. I'm struggling to find something to say. I guess miracles do exist. :)

I do want to warn you all that the next couple of weeks may be a bit sporadic posting wise. I've got a couple of trips coming up that might just interfere. (Damn job anyway!)

Actually, next week I get to go to Salesmans Bootcamp. I'm pretty excited about that. It's team building, drinking the company Kool Aide, bonding with my fellow reps, running around outside climbing ropes and basically not acting my age. Cool, right! I just hope I can muster up the energy to keep you updated on my progress I do know that, while it is posted as a team building exercise, it's also a CONTEST!! Yeah. While I'm not sure who is actually on my team I know we're going to take them down. They will buckle beneath the weight of our superior athletic skills. (Picture a bunch of out-of-shape road warriors huffin' and puffin' thro simple macrame).

Anyway - that's what I've got for now. I'll update when I get back from my meetings. Oh - make sure you check out the side bar. I've updated my blogroll with some sites I had missed in the "meltdown".

You all have a great day - and Be Safe!


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