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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Let's Keep It Going!!! 

A little break in the frantic preparation of tomorrows presentation to remind you that Spirit of America Donations are STILL NEEDED!! Come on everyone - dig a little deeper, stretch a little farther. You can do it. The drive ends April 29th - Thursday - 12:01am PT. Let's continue pushing the limit.

But, here's another thought. Once the fun and excitement of the BlogWar is over, don't forget all the good work that still needs to be done by Spirit of America. Make a commitment to continue to help. Just because we aren't talking about it every day, doesn't mean the needs go away. So Mark It On Your Calendar. Don't just GET involved - STAY INVOLVED.

So far the response has been so exciting.

Fighting Fusileers for Freedom $15,587.49
The Victory Coalition $11,398.44
Liberty Alliance $5,790

That's $32,775.93 As of 10:30pm Tuesday 4/27. Let's shoot for an even $40,000 - that shouldn't be any problem at ALL!!!!


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