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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Not Terrible, Not Great 

I wanted to try and get my thoughts and feelings about the President's address down while it was all somewhat fresh in my mind. Plus I'm hoping by putting it out there my thoughts will slow a bit.

First - I'll admit I was disappointed. I wanted to see the GWB that spoke to our nation after 9/11. I wanted, no I NEEDED that fire and brimstone. That conviction. Oh, I saw it at times, but I'm greedy. I wanted to put it in the face of those that are determined to undermine this mission we are on.

I wanted him to call Iran out. Not just refer to them as a nameless country aiding the insurgents. Let them know we're on to the them and that they better stop the crap or they're next.

I NEEDED to hear him say - we will take control. Firmly. Clearly. I heard the words - and in the q & a he was a bit stronger, but I wanted him to let the world know that what happened in Fallujah will NOT be tolerated, we've been as patient as we're gonna be. It's Time To End It. Let our troops do what they have been trained to do.

I applauded when he said the blame for 9/11 belongs to bin Laden. Shame he has to remind some people, isn't it. I was proud when he talked about his visit to Ft. Hood. He made many good points - I think he's at his best when he's angry. Luckily some of the journalists did a pretty good job of getting him fired up.

The only real criticism is that he is such a poor public speaker. I just want to send him a little note offering to work with him on that. I can help - I know I can. The way you present yourself is over half the battle. He just didn't GRAB IT tonite right out of the gates.

Overall, I liked what I heard. I just walked away wanting more. (like a great meal that just needed a little salt). I'll be interested in seeing how the rest of the populace responds. I heard tonite, driving home, that GWB's presidency was hanging on this address. I hope not. If it was - I'll admit I'm worried.


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