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Friday, April 09, 2004


You know the old adage, you can't judge a book by it's cover. That's true for sure, but unfortunately it happens every day. I talk about that in my training. You cannot tell anything about a consumer/customer by the way they are are dressed anymore. I'm known for going very casual if I'm doing any serious shopping. Heck, I have to dress everyday, makeup, good hair, conservative clothes. On my off time - I want to be comfortable. Well, we as a society are becoming more and more casual, be that good or bad, it's fact. I notice that especially here in Florida. I always use one of my favorite scenes from Pretty Woman, when she goes back to the boutique that she was kicked out of, just to let them know how much money they did lose!! It not only makes them laugh (I do a pretty good imitation of Vivian) but it gets my point across.

I heard a funny example this week highlighting that. It seems an elderly man came into a department store looking to buy a mattress. He barely spoke English, was dressed rather shabbily and was very dirty. He stated his purpose, so the sales rep took him to one of the low-end beds. H sat on it (by the way NOT the right way to test a mattress) and said, simply, OK. My wife will be back.

The next day in comes the wife. Sales rep asks will this be cash, check or charge? Wife pulls LARGE envelope out of bra and whips off correct change. Had more than enough left to buy a GOOD bed. Sad thing is NOT that the sales person missed a better commission. Sad point is that the customer didn't get a good bed.

Anyway - my little lesson for the day is don't discount someone just for the way they look. Heck - it might be me out doing some shopping, and think what you'd be missing! :)


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