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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Recommended Reading 

If you are a history buff, have I got a series of books for you.

Edward Rutherfurd has written (back in the late 90's) a series of historical novels that I just love. Sarum, London and Russka.

All of these novels chronicle the area referenced in the title from the beginning of time sometime in the 20th century.

They follow a group of families thru the timeline. As you know, we don't have a lot of historical fact regarding particular individuals from the beginning of time - but - he's done his research and mixed fact with fiction in a delicious manner.

These are NOT short reads. I can generally start and finish a 200-300 pg book in a day (less actually). These run around 1100 pgs and took me a week. I find myself slowing down and backtracking, checking out the timelines and maps. I love this stuff.

Anyway - that's my recommendation if you are looking for a few good books.


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