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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Salesmans Bootcamp Day #2 

Wow - what an amazing day. I'm sore, tired and absolutely amazed at what this day has resulted in.

I fully admit I went out the door this morning to breakfast not all that excited about what the day had to bring. Heck - I'm too old to be running around the woods, climbing poles, walls and such. I'm woman enough to admit I Was Wrong.

As I mentioned earlier I got out of some of the more strenuous activities. I watched my team members overcome their fears and climb a pole only to stand on top and jump off. (safety ropes were attached). I saw people climb walls blindfolded and help out others that just didn't have the strength to get to the top.

I saw the bonds between strangers being formed. The hardest part for me - I couldn't do it. I'm used to being in the middle of the activity, part of the leaders pack. Today I could only support. That is not a role I am used to. Oh, I'm supportive, but I'm not used to being ONLY the cheerleader. It was humbling and difficult. It was my biggest challenge - and the funny thing is no one knew it.

I did participate in a couple of the activities - the most interesting was the trust fall. You climb 5 rungs up a ladder, turn around and just fall back. Trust your team members to catch you. They knew about my accident and were so very gentle. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be when climbing the ladder.

Tonite we sat around after dinner and shared stories of the day. It was pretty amazing the fears that were conquered. All in all it was a great day. I've still got a lot of stuff rushing around this mind of mine, but it's time to close it down and get ready for tomorrow. I wonder how far they will stretch us.


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