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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Snap Crackle Pop 

Nope, not my cereal. Me. Yikes, suddenly I SOUND old!

Just a quick up to date. I stopped my therapy. While I miss the three times a week glimpse of heaven, I also know that what is still bothering me will not go away. I gotta learn to deal with it. I've never even cracked my knuckles, so you can imagine the horror of hearing my neck and back crack at odd (and interesting) moments. Not much pain any more. Really just the neck after a long day on the road. Oh and if I'm dense enough to think I can still sling 250lb mattresses around.

Anyway, the move is still slated for May. However, interesting information came tonite, via a call from the Head Honcho of this area. Seems I'm getting my very own territory. Mine all Mine. (Hmmm, I wonder how long it will take to change the Daytona Beach signs to Tammi Town?) Wake Up The house that I found (and love) is still 2 hours from Daytona and that seems to be where I will be focused. So, I think I'll take advantage of a couple of days and see what I can find closer.

Smoking - making some progress. Problem is remembering to eat so I can take my medication. I've cut down (by an entire pack, which is huge) but am still about a month away from No More Smoking. My mood is pretty good and I haven't drawn any blood (ok, close, but I didn't hurt them!) so I guess the meds are doin' what they are supposed to.

Starting to look seriously at a different "home" for my baby here. (Thanks for the suggestions guys). Biggest problem, I can fake my way thru some of this, but am not sauve at all when it comes to the workings that are programing. But, life is all about learning - so I'll keep working at it.

Well, that brings us all up to date on As The Tammi Types. (give me a break, its early and I'm low on any type of caffine).


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