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Friday, April 09, 2004

Some Reflections 

Today is Good Friday, the beginning of the Holiest weekend in Christianity. You'll find I'm not one to "preach", but I would like to share a bit about how I feel about this holiday.

I grew up in a strict Christian home. My Mother's family have Amish roots and many of those values and traditions are still evident. My Father's family is strict Brethren. In fact, my Grandfather was one of the original "Radio Preachers" in Indiana. (**Side note: I remember one cousin's wedding, where Grandpa was asked to bless the couple. He was nearing the end of his life journey and got confused easily. He forgot where he was and what he was doing and ended up giving a 30 min Hell, Fire and Brimstone sermon. Not exactly enjoyable, but pretty darn funny given the circumstances!)

Anyway - as I've mentioned before, I'm pretty far removed from most of my family. I feel that strongly over holiday's such as this. I have memories of Good Friday services, communion and prayer. The excitement of a pretty new Easter dress and the joy and celebration that is Easter Sunday. A wonderful meal with my family was always the crown jewel of the weekend.

Years ago, Grandpa (Mom's dad) would sit in the livingroom after dinner and read to us from the Bible. He had a way of making the scripture come alive. In my minds eye I could SEE Palm Sunday unfolding. I could feel the tension of the last supper. I cried when he read about Christ's pain and EVERY TIME I would cheer with the rest of my cousins at the miracle of his rising.

I'm grateful for those memories, but even more so for the beliefs and faith that my family has instilled in me. I claim the message of Easter and all it's promise in every part of myself.

I wish for you the joy of family, the promise of renewal and the comfort of faith. Happy Easter.


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