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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Spirit of America - UPDATE ON AUCTION 


AUCTION IS CLOSED. SUSIE WINS. Congratulations Susie. Watch you're e-mail.

As of 10:50am (E.S.T.) on Sunday April 25th the Sheet Set has a 3rd bid. We are currently at $35.00.

Come on folks - this is a brand new, any size you want set of white or ivory (you choose) 1000 thread count sheets!! Pamper yourself and do a little something for our Marines!! Bidding closes at Midnight Sunday April 25 (E.S.T.)

Here is the status of where we are as of 10:45pm 4/25/04:

Blog / Coalition Amount Raised
Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom! $13,327.49
The Victory Coalition $9128.44
Liberty Alliance $3829

$26,284.93 Thats Great - but we need more.

Check out the other sites. There are some incredible contests and give aways going on. Well I can't let these guys get anything up on the Road Warrior so here we go. I have a NEW 1000 thread count sheet set - any size - that will go to the highest bidder. (These are not the deep pocket, just standard, but will come in any size.) Bids will be taken in comments and once I have validation of donation made (e-mail me the screen print of your donation) I will ship these directly to your house. You have a choice of colors - White with a white strip and Ivory with an Ivory strip. Bidding begins NOW and will end on Midnight Sunday April 25.

The time to put your money where your mouth is has come. Our Marines need our help. Go to this website and make a difference.

If you've already donated - THANK YOU!! If not - every dollar matters. It's a noble cause we support here - be a part of changing the world.


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