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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Survival Rule #1 

What get's you thru the day? How do you put your game face on? Hmmm?

Until the move is completed, I have a 2-3 hour drive each way to call on stores. So I get up every morning and drink coffee, smoke a couple Mistys (for now) and check my new baby (the blog). Then I do the normal morning stuff (shower, dress, apply face so as not to scare the natives) and start out on the Corridor of Hell (I4).

Now I have several little tricks I use to prepare for the day. Music is one of the most important. I load up the CD changer with what ever is appropriate for the run and let 'er rip. I have 8 runs and music to go with each one. For example, for those stores where everyone is fired up and focused, excited about what they do - good old fashioned, driving, Rock and Roll. For that volatile group, classical (it soothes me). Most of the time I can keep it going with Southern Rock or Country.

But the point is....Music. Loud and lots of it. It sets the mood, keeps me focused (and in most cases sane).

After my last call of the day I'll often change the selection to some of my more emotional favorites. Contrary to common myth, I don't cry often. Music will do that to me. I've been known to pull off the road if I hear something that really gets to me. For instance, the first time I heard Luther Vandross "Dance with My Father Again" was on the 31st anniversary of my Father's passing, on the way to a very important job interview. I had to pull over and just cry. Then I had to call my favorite people to tell them how wonderful it was. Another example, Mercy Me's "I Can Only Imagine". I scared the dickens out of the phone guy when he walked into my office to tell me he was done installing a phone line and he caught me singing as loud as I could with my eyes closed. Poor guy - he won't be back!

Anyway, got a little off subject. Music makes the day bearable. Gets me thru any situation. It is my armor and my shield. My constant companion.


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