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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Take a Moment 

Happy Easter you all. I have already pontificated about my feelings for this weekend, so I won't bore you again!

But, I did want to take a short stroll thru the blogsphere and look for some "feel good" pieces, something that reflects hope and such.

First, swing by and read how Hook's Easter has gone. Then, swing by his SURPRISE Birthday Card and get on record for that!

I highly recommend this post by Tim. It's an e-mail from one of our soldiers - helping us keep it real.

Smash has a Round Up of Sand Box Bloggers. Since you're already out here, take a moment and drop them a comment and let them know we are thinking of them. It won't take long.

In pulling this to post together, I realize I'm a bit sad today. It's a holiday weekend and let's face it, it's hard being alone on days like this. But, I find I'm not feeling bad about me, I'm hurting for those that have loved ones in harms way as well as our troops who are so far away and thinking of their families.

Any holiday or special occasion is difficult when you can't be with the ones you love. Keep our troops and their families in your hearts and minds today. That empty spot at the dinner table makes for a difficult dinner, and knowing your family and loved ones are missing you is hard when you are away.

So - enjoy your holiday, and just remember those that are separated from their loved ones and send a thought or prayer out for them.


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