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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Tammi's Travel Tale Installment #1 

Greetings from beautiful Calloway Gardens in Pine Mountain GA. What a gorgeous day it was today. We are in these beautiful little cabins (about 70 of us in all) and it is fantastic. They may have to kick me out of here on Thursday.

Today started out pretty darn early. I finally drifted to sleep around 2:00am only to get my wake up call at 3:00am. So, in order to catch my 5:50am flight I had to get it all together. Because it was so early and I knew I had plenty of time before everyone else arrived this afternoon, I decided to travel a bit differently. I wore my jammies. Yep. Also I went natural, no make up. I just figured I go comfortable, especially since I was so tired. Now, normally I travel pretty formal. It's a habit and often results in very sore feet and a cranky me.

So I get to the airport a little before 5:00am and went to check in. No reservation for me. Not on the 5:50am flight. Nothing. Oh wait - there you are on the 7:00am. Good news, I make it to the meeting in plenty of time. Bad news - in jammies, no makeup and will be traveling at the height of business travel.

Side note - I have many friends that travel thru the Atlanta airport. I have NEVER been thru there and not seen at least a couple of people I know. Now my stuff is all checked and I'm screwed. Not to mention the shuttle decides to have me wait for another group arriving in the Atlanta so now there is no hiding my "condition".

Well, you can only imagine how the news traveled within our group that "buttoned down Tammi" arrived at the meeting this morning in her jammies. :) That'll teach me.

Tomorrow should be interesting. We are climbing rock walls and 60' poles. Yipee (sarcasm dripping). But, because of the accident I bought my self a bit of a break so I will be coach and cheerleader. Still, I can't avoid it all so it should be interesting.

Hope you all had a great day. I'm sure tomorrow will bear some interesting notes. The secret will be to have all limbs intact so that I can type.


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