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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Very Impressive 

So - last night was another late one on the road. It was what I refer to as a fire day. Cover the major issues, and smooth out any rough edges from the month before. With losing some time because of the accident I really wanted to catch up.

Anyway...it's already dark (gorgeous sunset by the way) and I realize I'm hungry. Hmmm...I better eat or I'll never get to sleep.

So I decide to get another Road Warrior Healthy Meal - chicken strips, fries and a Sprite - oh, look. It's 8:30pm. (How I DON'T weigh 748lbs I don't know!) Anyway, sitting at the drive thru window just watching the girl work. Holy Cow. She Rocked.

Now, I worked a drive thru window for Wendy's back in the stone age. It does take some focus and get up and go, but I've never seen anyone run a window like this girl.

There was a line rapidly growing - heck Disney during Spring Break - yeah! She had the drinks prepared before most cars told her if it was cash or charge. Everything just flowed. And I could hear the people over the box as they placed their order. Gotta say - the majority of them were just flat out rude. But she handled all of them with class and patience. Never rude back, never short with them.

Anyway, they finally got my chicken strips out and I just told her that I was very impressed with the way she worked.

If I were building a sales team - I'd want HER for sure.


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