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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Who Turned off the Heat????? 

Ok - I just left Atlanta on Thursday night - it was not this cold! I'm gonna freeze this week. Oh, well.

So, all settled in. Had a big division dinner last night. What a great group of people (for the most part). We have our bad eggs, but they all group together cause no one else wants to hear them bitch. :)

We are paired up with people from other regions of our division to share a room. I'm with a young lady that I have never met and that is very weird for me. It's working out well. She has 2 young boys and is a very proud mommy and wife. I respect that. She's here with the understanding it's about the job, not the party. I really respect that. And She Is A Talker. Yeah!! Tammi has someone to talk to in the morning. That Rocks.

Anyway - I just wanted to let you know we are locked and loaded here. Looks to be a pretty good week. Oh - and I just want to thank the many of you that helped to get messages out on Sgt. Hook's Bday card. You all impress the hell out of me.

I'm sure there will be plenty of blogging fodder found today. Stay Tuned.


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