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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Another Great Post 

Lex has a thought provoking piece that you really should take the time to read. Here is an excerpt:

"But whomever wins in November, we've still got a war to fight, and it's not the time to get wobbly. Setbacks and embarrassments aside, we've got boots on the ground over there, and a mission we can still achieve. All the realpolitik thought going around the blogosphere and elsewhere about exit strategies and political transformations short of democratic rule miss the entire point - we went there to ensure our security, and along the way liberate a people - not really because we're extra special wonderful people, but because doing so would fundamentally change the calculus in a region where the balanced equation isn't familiar, and make us safer in the long run. Tiptoeing away when the going gets rough will ensure that all those soldiers died in vain, will present an energizing victory to those who deserve it least in Iraq and virtually guarantee that the next front will be fought much closer to home." (emphasis mine)

Go read the whole thing. Great post Lex!


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