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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

A Bit More - Updated 

I've calmed down enough to just be sick now. But I'm not done talking about this.

First I want to offer my sincerest condolences to the Berg family. It's bad enough to lose a son, but to have it done so brutally and publicly - I can't imagine.

According to CBS news (link in story below) Nick was in Iraq to help with the rebuilding, he wanted to help the Iraqi people begin to build a better life. He Wanted To Help. Also, he firmly believed in what we are doing over there. In other words - he was a good American. One we can be proud of.

So...that leads me to wonder why this is the first I've heard of this. Where has the media been in trumpeting this all over the front pages and airwaves? Or is it only OUR mistakes, our wrong deeds that are brought to light? What about Nick Berg? Where is the outrage of what has been done to him?

Laughing Wolf asks those questions, and more, in a much better way than I do. (He's much better at typing mad than I am.)

Also - go and read what Rich Galen has to say about the presses coverage of the "abuse of prisoners". This was posted yesterday. Pretty appropriate, I think.

I will agree that the Abu Ghraib abuse was wrong - but it's nothing compared to this. Nothing. NOTHING. It was the exception - this type of thing in the Arab world seems to be the norm.

**UPDATE: I was watching FOX news and they have Oliver North on there right now. He's asking the same questions I'm seeing across the blogshpere. Where has the media been on this? Where is the apology from the Muslims? Don't hold your breath on the apology. And let me tell you where the damn media has been...

It seems that Nick's family had only been told that he had been murdered. They were not given any details to date. Until some reporter asked Nick's father for a response to the brutal beheading of his son and the tape that has been released. That is how Mr. Berg found out the details of his son's death. First - they should have been told the whole story. Second - Where in the hell is the human decency in this reporter? WTF were they thinking?

This hits part of the story hits too close to home for me. It only adds to the tragedy of this story.


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