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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Continuing Saga of the Machine From Hell 

As I've mentioned earlier, I have this printer/fax/copier/scanner thingy that isn't working right.

I finally got it to read from the laptop, now the paper feed is all screwed up and everything jams. That means I can't use it for anything. Nothing - no printing no faxing no scanning (for print use) nothing. I'm not happy.

So I call the manufacturer to discuss our options. I'm told that they will honor the warranty and send me a new machine. I just have to send them the old one. OK. Here's where it gets ugly.

They want to put a $90 hold on my credit card until they get the old machine back. I don't have a credit card. Don't want one. So, next option they send me a box to package the old one up along with a prepaid shipping slip and I send the old machine get a new one. OK - that works for me. But I need this to happen quickly. I CANNOT WORK without a printer and a fax.

Wait - I've still got the original box and the packing materials. How's about you all send me the shipping paperwork to the Staples that I bought it at and I'll get the machine out today and we can speed this up?!

Nope. They have to send me ANOTHER box with MORE packing materials, I then send it off, ect. ect. ect. This process will take over 2 weeks (per them).

So, how do YOU think my boss is going to like me being out of communication, unable to fax in any orders or print any training material out for 2 weeks? Hmmmm.

So here is my advice to you. Do Not purchase a Brother 3420C All In One Machine. Don't do it. I've been talking to other Home Office Workers and hear that the paper feeder seems to be a real problem for everyone. (Now I find out!)

I told the CSR that I am also a Mfg. Rep, and while not mad at him, I think their policy sucks, and is costing them way more money than it needs to. I also said I now have a real respect for the frustration my customers feel when trying to deal with returns.

Arrgghh. This day is not going as planned. So much for nice, soft fluffy pieces of dribble being posted.


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