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Monday, May 10, 2004

Did I Mention.... 

that I'm easily distracted? I just got a phone call from my "corporate husband". We started with the company on the same day, went through training together and have basically been joined at the hip for the last 9 months. He's constantly telling me I take better care of him than his wife (no, not like that!).

Anyway, he is a Navy Reservist and at least someone I can talk with face to face regarding what is going on right now. He knows I've been having a rough couple of days and wanted to perk me up. So...he's taking me to lunch at McDill Air Force Base!! :)

I'm so excited. I am running off now to get all gussied up and have promised not to embarrass him (too much).

AND - I've got my picture phone! Maybe I can get a couple of good shots to share with you all. (If I can figure out how to do that sort of thing.)

So...I'm off to put on a good face and figure out how to do this new short haircut of mine. Work? What work? Packing? What packing?


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