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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Enough is Enough All Ready 

I'll be damned.

I get home this morning to 5 boxes on my door step via UPS. Last week I got 5 others, plus several document shipments. Then today I get another damn box!

Hello Folks - I'm moving. I've already got more boxes than you can imagine strung throughout the house. I can no longer walk into my living room. I can barely make it down the hall to the kitchen. And if you want to try and walk around the landing upstairs, forgetaboutit.

So - let's make this official, shall we! NO MORE BOXES! NO MORE SHIPMENTS!! Unless you are sending me a large amount of money or the key to a safety deposit box with a large amount of money - don't send it. Hell, I'm going to need a 2nd moving truck to handle the shipments I've gotten in the last couple of weeks.


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