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Friday, May 07, 2004

I Bought A New Toy 

Due to technical difficulties with my cell phone I had to buy a new one. The sim card was over 4 years old and just not cutting it anymore (we won't mention how many times I dropped the phone, as I'm sure that had nothing to do with any of my problems).

So...I start the process of phone shopping. I use T mobile service, and while I know many people don't like them - they have been wonderful for me. Any problem handled immediately and any issues resolved so that I can actually say it was not a win/lose situation. But I am not posting on the service, I wanna talk about my new toy.

I bought a camera phone. Motorola V300. It's so very cool. I didn't get the newest, brightest, fanciest. I've never been into that sort of thing. I just want a toy good enough that I can play on the playground with everyone else.

Now, I say I upgraded to a camera phone because with my job it will be easier to take pictures and send them right away to resolve issues. Horse Hockey. I've wanted a camera phone since they came out. I love the fact that I can e-mail pictures out and share some of my funnies (or scares) immediately.

The phone itself is very easy to use. It's another flip phone and actually came with a carrier. The last time I bought a phone was almost 2 years ago and I had to buy all the accessories with that one. This is a nice little plus. It was very easy to set up and get running. Sound is clear and the dial pad is not so scrunched up that I'll have problems dialing. (Plus I use the voice dial a lot with all the driving.) The camera, ahhh the camera. The quality is not bad at all, really. I was surprised. Its as good as my first digital camera was so I can't complain at all. I won't be doing any still life's for a show, but it will serve my purposes beyond what I expected. And it's also very easy to use. Not a lot of maneuvering around to be able to take the picture or send it. I get 20 free sends a month and it's only .10 a picture after that. But I can take as many as my phone will hold - that I like.

I can sure play now. And the coolest part is that I'm moving off Blogspot and will be able to finally take pictures and show you some of the stuff I just can't put into words.

So - not only will you be seeing a new and improved site soon - you're gonna get visuals as well. I'm movin' on up!!



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