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Friday, May 21, 2004

I'm Back! 

Did ya miss me? I sure missed you guys. Really, I did!

I spent Wednesday night at the new house. I haven't moved my stuff in yet, but there's some furniture the landlords left so I was set up just fine.

I think this may work out pretty well. I got up yesterday morning and managed to walk 5 miles. I used to do 10 but it's going to take some serious focus to get back up to that anytime soon. Then I came back and swam in MY POOL. Yep. Did a few laps and then just floated for a while. Quick shower and out the door I went - hit my first store by 10:15am. Now I guess to understand how incredible that is to me you have to remember that in order to know I'm going to hit a store at that time I have been leaving my house before 7:00am and still cutting it pretty close. Oh My Goodness - I may actually have a life in the near future.

I spent some time doing preliminary nesting. Figured out where some of my favorite pieces will go and where I want the movers to put the furniture. I think that part is ready.

I don't have the cable or phone set up there yet, and my cell phone doesn't get a signal within 2 miles of the house. So it was a pretty quiet evening. I had taken a book and picked up some yummies and settled in for the evening.

It was delightful. AND no Turkey Ducks! Yea! They haven't found me yet. :)

Anyway - I'm going to take a bit and find out what's been going on out here. Then I've got more packing to do.


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