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Friday, May 21, 2004

In Florida, Thinkin' of Ice! 

Yep - I know I said I wouldn't say anything and I won't mention the fact that a certain hockey team (I won't name them, but their initials are Tampa Bay Lightening) happened to lose a very important game last night.

It's my fault (again). Instead of sitting and coaching I was out and about. I take full responsibility.

Tomorrow night is it. Game 7 in the series. Either Tampa will erupt in celebration or Phily will be in riots. Whose to say.

All I know is I will not let my team down. I'll be sitting on the coach, with a nice cold beer and some munchies, wearing my favorite 'Bolts clothing and making sure that they hear all of the golden advise I have to offer. It's my duty as a fan. It's the least I can do.

GO 'BOLTS!!!!!! Bring it on home boyz.


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