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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Just a Little Off 

It was a strange day yesterday. I was unusually disorganized. Couldn't keep my mind focused. So what happens? I pull a Tammi Trick.

I had received an email from my VP requesting my presence on a conference call. "Please see below for info". So I read the attachment, noted the time, programmed it in my phone with call in number and access code. The alarm on the phone goes off at precisely 9:55am and I dial in.

I'm holding, holding, holding. After 15 mins. I drop off the call and try to reach some of the other reps. They're all on the phone. I figure there must be something going on with the facilitator of the call, so I dial back in.

Holding, holding, holding. Drop again and make a couple more calls. One of the guys that started at the same time I did is the CEO's son. Very nice kid, I love to give him a rough time. For some reason he really looks up to me - must be my years of experience :( - so I try to never look stupid in front of him. I give him a call to see what he's heard about the call.

"Hey Dude - what's going on with the MG call?"
"What do you mean? It's still on"
"I've been holding for about 40 mins! Was it pushed back or rescheduled?"
"Tammi. It's tomorrow."
"Shit. Never mind."

Yep, that's about how my day went yesterday.


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