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Monday, May 24, 2004

Let's Put Our Thinkin' Caps On 

Tim, over at Cpt. Patti, asks the question How Do We Hurt Main Stream Media?

It's funny I just had that conversation today. I know I am sick and tired of the crap we are getting from the traditional media. Tonite was a prime example - the President of the United States gave a speech, WHILE WE ARE AT WAR, and the only place to get it was CNN or FOX. Now, I include CNN and FOX in my ring of wrath, but at least they carried the speech.

I had a conversation with a friend who's son is in Iraq right now. He said his son is so sick and tired of all the crap being fed the American public, the negative and out right lies. He feels no one is hearing the good things, the schools being rebuilt, the lives that are being improved. I reminded my friend to keep checking the blogs. We are not all falling for the bullshit. Some are out there everyday trying to spread the truth, the good news.

Every time I get into a conversation on current events, politics, the WoT I'm asked where I get my information. I tell them - some of the best writers, most knowledgeable people around. Then I give them the URLs and tell them to read for themselves. It's the only way I know to counterattack the crap that is out there right now.

Tim asks if any of us have any ideas on how to hurt the mainstream media. How can we shut them down? I believe, after all I've seen accomplished thru these wonderful blogs, that there has to be a way to send a serious message, to cripple them. I just can't think of anything more than I'm doing. What about you? Any ideas? Click over to Tim's place and leave a comment.


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