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Friday, May 07, 2004

Love Bugs 

and I'm not talking that cute old Disney movie either. I don't know if these flying fornicators exist anywhere outside of Florida, but they are a pain in the you know what.

These little black bugs have just 1 purpose in life (from what I can tell). They "hook up" with a mate and fly around fornicating until they die. In swarms. It can get so bad during the spring and fall (love bug season) that you have to wash your car daily or it ruins the paint job. The swarms can get so thick on 75 south between Sarasota and Venice that it's almost a black out condition.

Being a road warrior this puts a real damper on my two favorite seasons. Spring, the temps are starting to climb and the weather is just incredible. But....you gotta deal with the love bugs. Fall, it's starting to cool off from the incredible heat and humidity of September and you gotta deal with the love bugs.

Now, a part of me envies this existance, I mean think about it. ;) throw in a little rum or tequila and it's
just about paradise.

But for crying out loud - get a room!


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